22 September 2010

Touch Up Tuesday on a Wednesday

Can we tell that i am a day behind on everything this week? I don't mean to be but that doesn't really change anything! I have so much i want to get done but somehow i messed up my back yesterday, it had been bugging me for a couple days but yesterday i did something to REALLY mess it up.. so i spent most of the day laying around as much as i could yesterday and took Motrin then after a good massage from the hubby and sleeping with ALL the pillows {have i mentioned how much i love that man?} I felt so much better this morning! Of course then i pushed myself too hard and now i am back in the chair counting the hours until i can take more Motrin :(

anyways long story {kinda} short i can now catch up on posts that i meant to do! So here it is, a Touch up Tuesday on Wednesday ~



I didn't do a whole lot to this picture except brighten it up a little.. But it was just too adorable to pass up!

Check out some more before & after's over at the paper heart...

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Ashley Sisk said...

Great edit - nice work.

Shel said...

Ooh sorry to hear about your back :(
Very cute picture BTW!!

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