08 July 2009

Sitting by the pond with Lolo (C's dad)

Swimming pool

Driving with daddy

I am finding it much harder to keep this up than i thought i would! So i am going to keep this short! I hope everyone had a great 4th! We certainly did! We spent a 3 day weekend down at C's parents house where we spent the first day going to yard sales. (i had some GREAT finds! including an art easel for Z for only 1.00!) The second day we started off with a trip to town for the parade, not a big hit for Z, he didn't seem to like the loud noises, every time a fire truck or anything would come by he would bury his head in my chest.. poor kid, he did better once all of that was past but really just watched quietly... We also stopped at the farm market and a couple more yard sales before we went home to spend some time in the pool.. The third day was the nicest (of course the day we go home!) so we stayed a little later and spent the whole day outside just playing or swimming in the pool, i wish i could do that everyday! All in all it was a great time that we got to spend with family! Oh and my favorite part, while i was laying down with Z i had my hand on my stomach and felt a little tiny foot! i can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I am so excited to meet our new little boy though!

Oh this weekend is a big weekend, we are headed up north for my brother in laws wedding, Z is the ring bearer and i am very interested to see how he does with that! Its very casual though so it should be a great time, and i am so happy for them. We also have my cousins wedding next month in Chicago, that trip will just be my mom my sister and i, so i am very excited about that! Then we have my sisters Bachelorette party next month too! its going to be a very

busy month but i am glad that we are able to do all these things before the baby comes, then it should settle down so we can just be here, by the time the Holidays roll around i should be feeling much more like myself and ready to visit even more!

More pics to come over the next couple of days, the kiddos are up from naps now so i am off for more play time!

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