10 February 2009


Ready, JUMP!
Tag! Your It!

I am almost 95% sure that this weather is just a tease, but i don't care! Today i actually got to open my windows and get fresh air! It was AMAZING! and even better i got to take the kiddos out to play!!! Because of the cold and the amount of snow that we had they were only able to go out and play twice this winter, we tried a couple of other times but that always resulted in them falling face first in the snow and getting mad because they couldn't get up! (it was only a little bit funny =)

So, it has been a while since i have been on here, i keep thinking that i should update it but then i get busy again!

So as for new things, we FINALLY got our car on the road (PRAISE GOD!) so Z and i have been to Chx. the past two thursdays for story time at the library, the first time was a disaster! Z screamed and cried the WHOLE time, when he calmed down for just a moment and would start to walk away from me i tried to sit down and he saw that and screamed and ran back to me then hit me! Needless to say i was a little weary to take him again the next week. Last time though (#2) he did SOOO much better! First of all we were able to sit down when story time started with out any screaming, although Z did cling to me and was facing the back of the room, but by the end of the first story he had turned around and was facing forward and actually watching! It was an amazing transformation! I don't think i have even felt so relieved! I think its really important for him to get out and do things with other kids, its only ever been R that he spends alot of time with, we have playdates once in a while but everyone gets busy and its harder to do.. SO, i am on the lookout for anyother fun things that we could go out and do to keep us busy until the yard dries out! (any ideas anyone??) For now we have been going over to a friends house to play after story time and swimming in the pool which Z LOVES! i mean it is almost impossible to hold on to him anymore he just wants to swim! Very fun though.

My new thing is a workout video that i have started ( i can't stand to be fat anymore...) but the thing is i actually love it! (the workout) Its called yoga booty ballet, and after two days i am in SO much pain! Its great! haha.. so lets see how long this lasts, i think i am going to start running a couple of evenings a week when C gets home.. I am already enjoying the extra energy, now i am looking forward to looser clothes!

Okay this is almost at book proportions now so i will be back soon with more updates on our busy life!

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