25 February 2009

Croup, Cats, and so much more....

Trying out the big boy potty =)

Busy doesn't begin to describe how things have been around here lately..... Lets see last week we had a surprise 40th birthday party for my dad which went great. Z and I have made weekly trips to the library which we love. C and i went to a Red Wings game a couple weeks ago and had so much fun that he bought tickets as soon as we got home from that game and we are going again on the 7th (Yay!!). We adopted a kitten who was so adorable and cute for the first week and a half.. now she drives me crazy, only when she gets all wild and starts biting, not sure how to deal with that so i have to do some research... Last week (Thurs) i got sick, it is now Wed. and i am STILL sick... its awful.. and on top of that Z started coughing the day before yesterday and it just sounded a little off to me so i called the doc yesterday and took him in and they told me it was croup then sent us to the ER so he could be treated since he was also having trouble breathing.. poor kiddo had to get a shot of steroids, but his breathing was great all night i even let him sleep with me to make sure, that was a very, very long night! We weren't to cramped though since C has been sleeping on the couch since Fri because 1. i keep him up coughing all night and 2. he really doesn't want to get sick and judging by how awful i have felt i don't want him to get sick.. My mom did come over and make me some homemade chicken noodle soup, which was very yummy =).
That's just what i can think of off the top of my head! I am so ready to get out and be busy again, we were really enjoying that!! But i also don't want to get anyone else sick so i am doing the polite thing and staying home.. We do have/get to go out for a little bit today since Z has a follow-up appt to make sure he is getting better.. so keep us in your prayers!

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