30 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Opening a gift from his aunt N.

I know this post is a little late in coming, but we have been very busy! Last week it seemed all we did was go, go, go! But as the year comes to end we are enjoying a little more family time. C was laid off for the week, and all though its not good for the budget its great for me and Z! We miss him when he is gone at work all day! So for the rest of this year (isn't that still fun to say even as we get older?) at least he will be home!
So last week was Christmas and it was great! We started off Christmas eve at my parents house for the Johnson family Christmas, which i always love because i don't get to see any of them nearly often enough. Z had a blast playing with his cousins, and it was the first time as the last time he saw them it was Easter and he wasn't really at an age where he could play yet so this we a real thrill for him. We didn't get home until late (close to midnight) so it was right to bed until Christmas morning! This was the first year that C and i have ever done Christmas morning just us and Z of course, so it was really fun. We all had breakfast and then tore into the presents =) I am a huge fan of Christmas and a giver at that so C and Z made out like bandits! I got a couple of great gifts from my wonderful husband too which i am very grateful for. I got an ihome this year so i finally have a radio! i am very big on having some kind of background noise on nearly all the time so for the longest time it has been the TV but now we are listening to alot more music and Z loves to dance! We spent the whole day together which was my favorite gift of all! The next day i cleaned and packed to get ready to head down to C's parents for the weekend. That was a blast as always! I got to finish an entire book! Have i mentioned how much i love my mother in law? She is really great! Z also had his first ice cream cone down there which you can tell by the pic below he loved!

Enjoying some ice cream...

The kiddo also got some quality time in with his puppies =) all in all it was an amazing Christmas spent with an even more amazing family.

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