22 December 2008

Christmas~time is Here...

This past weekend we went to my parents house for Christmas, and it was great! My mom and i shopped in TC until about 9pm which is funny if you know that we planned on being back to her house by about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.. haha.. But we had a blast! Z did great, we rented one of those cars at the mall and he rode in that nearly the whole time, when he got crabby i let him watch The Backyardigans on my Ipod which i had handy just for that reason. It was so cute that we decided to take a picture, which we immediately got in trouble for, turns out you can't take pictures in the mall, especially in front of the jewelry stores! oops. =) we did get the shot though but its on my moms camera.. After a while Z fell asleep which was so funny because he was still sitting straight up, i had to put my moms jacket next to him and lean him over so he could really sleep. Too cute.

After we got back we wrapped all the presents and had some great family time. I miss that, we don't really get to see my family all that often. The next morning we woke up and had a great family breakfast (with only a few mishaps..) then we opened presents! I love watching the joy on everyones faces when they see what they got. Its not just about getting stuff to me, its about seeing what the other person thinks you would like, i really put alot of thought into gifts that i give most of the time. Its a reflection of a lot of things to me. But i did get some really great things (thanks family =) And i was just overall very blessed to get spend time with my mom and dad, and my sister and future brother in law, and of course my amazing husband and my hilariously adorable son.

Above are a couple of the family photos we took. Every year i like to try and get a few, whether or not they turn out is a whole different story... getting everyone outside, dressed nice, and looking happy is something like pulling teeth i would imagine.. haha..

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