23 September 2008

Trips to the library....

Here we are!
Picking out some books...


So right now one of our favorite things to do is to take trips to the library, i wish we could go more often, Z and i both love it! Its such a great chance to get out of the house and see some new things. Not to mention we both LOVE to read! I love that he gets that from me! This sweet little boy will sit in his room in his "reading corner" which is made up of a little shelf full of books and an elephant chair i got him a while ago, and read until he has looked through all his books. Its so much fun to watch! So it only makes sense for us to go get some new ones every once in a while.. and so we do! Our first stop is always the kids area where he plays, picks out a few books, and then reads some. Then we head upstairs so mommy can pick out a couple too! Not that i always get the time to read them but knowing that i have them always makes me feel happy.. I am one of those people who just loves books, i will actually run my hand down the row and just pick up whatever and read it cover to cover.. most of the time.. if its incredibly dull then never mind.. =D So there it is, i hope that over the years Z continues to love reading as much as he does now!

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