26 September 2008

A Beautiful Mess

The kiddo cleaning up one of the many messes we face....

Beautiful..,, That's a word that i have a hard time relating with... but i am getting better... And i am working on finding that beauty in all the messes that currently rule my life, but such is my life with a little one i guess,, =)
My newest goal is to get the kiddos and myself outside as much as possible this next couple of months, which i think will be great for all of us. Oh and speaking of goals, (i know i am all over the place here...) I am so close to hitting my first weight loss goal!! I am so excited and proud of myself, and taking the advice of a friend i plan to celebrate as soon as i hit that goal!
Hmmmm... lets see.. normally i feel like i have too much to say and right now i am just feeling content... which is a very nice quiet time.. and i think i will go and enjoy it!

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