31 July 2008

There are no words

No really there are none.. This little boy is just the most amazing gift. It really doesn't matter how down i am (and i am alot these days...) He can always make me smile! He is just such a little goof ball! Right now he is taking a nap so i can have a few mins of quiet which i quite enjoy.... although it gets boring kinda fast,,, haha... So lets see there are no real updates here. We haven't done much... This in itself could be the reason for this lingering depression.. But we have plans which is something! This weekend we are off to the beach just the three of us which should be alot of fun.. We had a blast last time although Zeke has a thing for eating the sand so that tends to be a little bit to handle.. And this time i plan to have the battery on the camera charged so we can actually get some pictures! Oh and i have been going to the gym at least every other day which has been great, we go at night (so we don't have to leave the kiddos with a sitter) And the guy that works there is really great, he has helped us with all the equipment we use and given us tons of great tips. So far i feel the same.. But i am still hoping!! Its gonna be ALOT of work i know that but i figure at least i am taking steps to get there, and the good news is that since i have started already when we do decide to get pregnant i can continue to work out throughout and that should make a HUGE difference!! Oh one more thing, no luck on the house hunt, did i mention that we are house hunting?? Well we looked at one that certainly had promise but it would have required and addition that we just don't want to have to do.. it was a great house though.. i think until we do find something it will always kinda be on the back burner..

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