21 July 2008

A Day at the Beach

This was the weekend i have been needing! We went to the beach with a couple of friends and their little girl (she is 2months younger than Z) And i got to watch my husband and son dig what i am sure will be the first of many giant holes together =D , We all went swimming, And C and i went for a walk downtown with the lil man. Oh and i also took Z to the farmers market! I have been wanting to go forever but something always comes up and we never get to go! This was a fun trip though because i turned my back for a second and the little man swiped and apricot! He then took a bite and tried to put it back! I gave it back to him and he proceeded to eat the whole thing!! I guess i just never even thought he would like them... Turns out they are a new fav! It was just a great weekend where we actually got to get out of the house. Normally we don't do alot because C works all week and when the weekend comes he is ready for some downtime, meaning not running around as i would love to do!

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