01 August 2008

Spin in circles

Z's new favorite thing to do is spin in circles then stand still and watch the room spin, repeat over and over again for hours of fun. Its hilarious to watch.. and to join in on sometimes =) He is such a little goof. So today we are off to the beach! We almost had a scare and thought C was going to have to work but thank God he declined, so we do get to get out of the house today!! Z just went down for his nap so i think i am going to clean up a little then pack so we are ready to go! Oh that reminds me i need to charge the camera battery!! I am so looking forward to this trip! Lets see... Oh my mom got herself a kitten who just happens to be absolutely adorable!! His name is Mr. Wickett, how cute is that? She and my dad stopped over last night for a few minutes so Z could see Mr. W, it was so much fun to watch, Z would pinch his nose and then try to pet him, and when he got down Z kept walking up and talking to him.. too funny. This is his first time ever seeing a kitten and i think he liked it!

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