18 July 2008

First Time

This is my first ever Blog! Its actually kind of exciting!! I have such a wonderful life and so many things to say about it! This Morning was very slow Z (my son) C (my husband) and i all got up early. I made breakfast and lunch for C and he was off to work.. Meanwhile Z and i just layed around and watched cartoons, rainy days make that too easy!! Z is down for what i hope to be a long nap so i can take a quick shower today! (No one tells you how much you will truly appreciate a shower after you have a baby!) Which by the way we are talking about having another, Z is already 14months old and he needs someone to play with on the days that i don't watch R. First though the big thing is finding a house to buy, which reminds me i should call the realtor today,,,, After we find a house and have the space we plan to try. I am really hoping for a girl but at the same time i would love to have two boys to play together!!

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