11 April 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. Theme Thursday, if you tried to link up yesterday or today you will notice that our linky is not working, the problem is being fixed and we will be all set for this week! The upcoming theme is Transportation. I can't wait to see what you all have!! ....................................

2. It is home improvement time in the Case house. Okay well there is only so much we can do since we do rent, however i am tired of the dark winter colors and ready to update for spring/summer! plus i am holding out on sewing anything for the up and coming etsy shop until i get my fabric labels! So far i have in mind..

  • Kitchen ~ New curtains in a bright yellow or blue (right now they are a dark green plaid) New chair covers in a matching fabric, and a wall decoration of some type in coordinating fabrics with a little mod podge. It should really update the kitchen! I'm also contemplating searching thrift stores for some pretty matching plates and doing something with those on the wall... time will tell!

  • Living Room ~ New color scheme all around, this and the kitchen are the biggest projects! Right now there are alot of browns that i could do without... The curtains in particular.. The ones we have are the heavy duty energy saver ones that Chris loves so i think i might just sew onto those so we both win! New throw pillows for sure and the top of the entertainment center is still decorated in valentines day prettiness so i need to get started on something new for up there! I am thinking wooden blocks, some pretty paper and a little mod podge for a family sign.. I also want to work on getting updated photos up on the walls since Kiah is now 18months and has 1 photo on the wall... oops..

  • My Bedroom ~ is almost done! I have the lamps ($4 each thank you very much to my amazing mother in law!) i just want to redo the fabric since what they came with is a little bright for me.. Easy job i just need to do it! I'm also on the hunt for a round mirror to finish off the last empty wall and i think that room will be done!

  • Family Room ~ who knows....

  • Downstairs Bathroom ~ New shower curtain, i am loving this one from Taylor Made

Alot to do and should keep me busy for the summer, since

3. Thanks so ridiculously high gas prices i will not be going very far this summer... Inflatable pool? Yes please!

4. Fabric labels, i got this amazing idea from See Kate Sew, 300 fabric labels for less than $20 on spoonflower.com seriously the best idea ever! I ordered these a while ago and since i am a cheapskate i went with the lowest shipping so it took the order quite a while to get here, i was SO excited that when i placed the order it didn't occur to me to check the size, so when i got my awesome fabric with my label printed all over it, the letters were HUGE! I'm talking 6 giant labels where i could have fit 300.. oops.. Oh well these can go on big bags and now i have learned my lesson and re ordered them correctly this time! (i hope!)

5. Yesterday i got to wear a skirt, it was 70 here! Which is always fun when the night before you notice a mountain of snow taller than your car in a parking lot :)

6. I love date night! Chris took me out to dinner and to the movies on Saturday night while my amazing friend took the boys out to dinner and then for ice cream and the park! They were some seriously happy campers, as were we!

7. I should wrap this up, i have some photo editing to do i have the perfect capture for this weeks Theme Thursday! Plus all those old barns i told you about!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Becky said...

I love that shower curtain! I may try that! This post inspires me to start on my home improvement ;0).

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