08 April 2011

Friday Flowers

Did you link up to Theme Thursday yet?

This week we choose a touch of spring, wishful thinking that Spring would actually make an appearence in Northern MI. {I think it worked! It's supposed to be 56 today!}

For my Spring capture i choose these flowers in my front yard, i LOVE flowers, i just wish i didn't have a black thumb so i could grow them! These guys came along all on their own planted by someone else years ago... So here are the rest of my captures what do you think?

Have a happy Friday everyone!


WyTography said...

Those purple tulips are so gorgeous!

I can't believe I haven't been following you...I could've sworn that I was...I check in on you all of the time via Nicole's blog. I'll go ahead and remedy that! Thank you for cohosting such a fun photo contest!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I love new followers, even ones who are here all the time ;) Thanks for being involved in Theme Thursday! I always love all your shots!

Anne U said...

Beautiful photos, like the colors in the last two shots. Can't wait for that to start happening around here.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos.

Nicole said...

Gorgeous Jennifer! You should link up to Flowers on Saturday at Blueberry Craft and hobby. These are awesome!

Jennifer said...

Thank you everyone! I am so pleased that you all like them :) I am really learning this whole photography thing slowly but loving every second!

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