01 December 2010

Hello world

I am back! It has been a crazy busy wonderful Thanksgiving. We were out of town with family, did i mention that? Probably but i can never remember... Anyways, we have been home since Sunday night but Chris had a hockey game that night and Monday we were settling in and getting unpacked and yesterday i was just a little lazy... (oops.) However i am back now and i have been missing my blog! And all my wonderful blogging friends :) Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and are getting ready for Christmas! Monday we picked our tree and set it up while the boys were napping. I did however electrocute myself in the process! Ouch. I have never done that before and it was NOT fun! All is well now and my tree is beautiful! I did take some pics to share but they are still in the camera and i have 1000 photos to edit as it is so i will save that for another time... Until then keep an eye out for pics from our weekend...

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