22 November 2010

Where is my time?

Life has been not so much hectic as just passing before my eyes lately and it's been way too long since i have posted... I have a quick 5mins before it's time to finish up setting up crafts for preschool and getting everyone dressed and ready for the day.. Chris has been layed of for a while and it's been great having him around the house. The boys are thrilled to have daddy home so much!
Christmastime is just around the corner and i am so excited! Today i will get all the decorations out and get the house looking ready for the wintertime.. I may be just a little ahead of myself here, lets talk Thanksgiving, i LOVE any holiday where i get to see my family. *smiles* We leave Wednesday to visit family for Thanksgiving and i am looking forward to a fantastic holiday and a great weekend!
Back to Christmas i have been getting alot of shopping done which makes me so happy! I have a bit left to do but that will be finished in the next couple weekends!
Okay times up gotta go! I'll be back with more later, until then enjoy my ridiculously adorable children!

{Don't let me forget to tell you about Kiah's first haircut!}

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Jennifer Ross said...

It's no wonder we never get together, you're never home!! lol

Cute pictures! :)

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