05 November 2010

Flashback Friday & 30 Days of Truth

I think i am right around 9months pregnant with Zeke here, feeling like a house and ready to have my first little boy... Now i am trying to decide if i want to make it 3!

Chris and i have been talking alot about whether or not we want one more... i think we both go back and forth on the issue so for now we have decided to put it on the back burner until May, since that would be the earliest that i would want to get pregnant, that would make Kiah well over 2 before we had another baby, and i really like that age gap... I think i would like to be settled in a new house before we had another baby though because i really want a girl and i would love to be able to have a nursery set up and done just the way i want it... The boys never had that, we lived in an apartment when Zeke was born and they were both in our room until 6-7months... Now they have a nearly completed room that i am very happy with but i think if there is an next time around i would like to do things a little differently.. although i think i really only want a girl for the stuff...

Day 6 ~ Something you hope you never have to do

I hope i never have to lose someone i love.. I know it's almost an irrational thing to hope that, however it's not something that i ever want to have to experience...

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