05 September 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge ~ Excitement!

Excitement is something that occurs on a daily, no scratch that, hourly basis around my house... Whether it be the sheer joy of jumping on mommy's bed in the morning, or racing down the stairs for the morning cup of "coffee" (Zeke gets pretty excited about his juice and compares it to mommy's coffee, which for the record i am equally excited about!), or the excitement over Kiah's first steps which i can't get enough of! We are constantly happy and excited about life in general in our home and all of the fun little things that come with it.

Enjoy a couple lucky shots of my boys and their joy..... ;)

The Paper Mama


Shel said...

that first picture is a lovely capture! too cute ;o)
actually they are all pretty darn cute!

Nessa said...

love these... especially the last one... curtains askew... sheets off the bed and a boy in a batman shirt!

AJ said...

Great capatures of precious moments. Love it!

Nicole said...

That first one is definitely a winner! I love that shot!

Joni said...

I love that first photo. I like how you were able to get out into the water and take the photo from a different angle.

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