21 September 2010

Manic Monday on a Tuesday.....

Yesterday went by so fast i couldn't believe it! So we are going to relive Monday today! Monday as mentioned before was a VERY busy day! Every Mon, Tues & Thurs i have Baby H who is almost 3 months old. So on those days i am up before the boys and if all goes well the house is cleaned and i am starting my morning cup of coffee before anyone is awake.

EVERY morning in my house starts right here

After the coffee was enjoyed i looked at the clock and realized i needed to get a move on if i was going to make it out the door for Zeke's first day of Preschool! (if you want to know more about what we are doing check out Another Day Another Diaper for all the details!

Being our first time it was all a little hectic so i didn't get my camera out until recess time :)

Running down the hill!

Trampoline time!

~Ring around the rosie~

~ Pocket full of posies~

Sharing the swing

Hanging out

I didn't get a chance to document any more of our day but don't worry you didn't miss much, aside from a fun car ride home (Zeke fed baby H a bottle in the backseat, then kept "pretending" to fall asleep because i told him not to until we got home, then he would laugh hysterically because i kept looking in the mirror to see if he was awake...) we had a quick lunch then everyone went down for naps... The rest is just one big blur..... *smiles* Have a great Tuesday everyone! Thanks for reliving my Monday with me!

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Anonymous said...

Your morning starts out like my morning...COFFEE! lol. cute little ones and pics.

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Great pictures. I like the pumpkin in the background. ;)

Okay so is the preschool like homeschool? I went to the link but it said check back on the 20th. Maybe I missed it somewhere. I've been reading up alot about this, and I've decided to start doing some at home too. Learning through play right? I already do that, but I want to devote even more time to it.

Jennifer said...

Yes it is a homeschool thing, the first day was great too! The nice thing is we can adjust while we go to make sure it's working well for everyone.. I love that we get to teach the kids but still have them in a setting where they can be around other kids... and to be fair i probably should have warned Nicole that i was linking this to her page so she could get more details up! *smiles*

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