02 September 2010


That might be alot of dramatics for a title but i am so excited to FINALLY have accomplished this! I decided months ago that i wanted to make a quilt for the boys out of their receiving blankets, and i wanted it to be big enough to fit on a twin bed if there ever was a need for it.. It's been on that to do list for quite some time and this week while Chris was home i decided to start it! I am what you would call a novice quilter i suppose, i am not nearly ready for the "fancy" stuff, just sewing squares together for now works for me!

Here are the blankets that i used, i thought about using every receiving blanket i had but decided these would not only be enough, but also that i would like it better if it really matched...

Then i cut everything into squares, I am not one for the mathematics of quilting so i just folded the blankets into thirds (i know i know that could be considered math, but not the hard kind! haha) and cut them into squares

From there i layed the squares out to form some kind of a pattern then stacked them up! I have to admit that i had every intention of putting them in my fabric bin to get started another time but when i got downstairs i thought.. you know? I have nothing else i have to do... (you know aside from cleaning.. so i guess the thought should have been i don't have anything else i WANT to do ;) So i started sewing!

It took me 2 days of sewing when i could and i only had to run out for thread once... (seriously what kind of person who loves to sew runs out of plain white thread? Shouldn't i always have that on hand?) Anyways, here is the finished product, i used a light blue sheet for the back since my boys are always hot, i thought it would help keep them warm in the winter without making them too warm..

I am really happy with the way it turned out, there is one little spot on the back that i had a mishap with, but that just gives it more character right?


Nicole said...

Oh wow! You have so much more patience than me. Especially doing it with the kids around. I would have snapped. *she says with a smile.

Thanks for the comment today on my before and after. I'm happy everyone liked it. It was a lucky shot!

Trish said...

There's never any harm in adding drama to your title. =)

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