02 September 2010

3 Things

My son should have a dog.

reason #1: Yesterday Zeke jumped up on the bed and his father, and said "who's a good mister, who's a good mister!"
reason #2: Yesterday i caught Zeke playing "fetch" with Kiah, complete with throwing the "ball" and saying "go get it boy!" and a good ear rub when Kiah brought it back... did i mention that he brought it back? my little goof balls!

Okay the 3rd thing has nothing to do with Zeke or a dog but i find it just interesting enough to share...
Kiah loves eggplant. I know right? I don't think i ever even heard of eggplant until i was a teenager. Okay that's probably not true but i know for certain that i have NEVER eaten it! In an effort to try something new though i picked up a couple small white eggplants, sliced one up, and cooked it in some olive oil with a little garlic salt thrown on for good measure (my kid LOVES lots of flavor!) I wasn't sure what he would think but after giving him a plate with the eggplant and some pasta i walked back to the kitchen for a couple minutes to come back and find that he had eaten ALL the eggplant and didn't touch his pasta and this kid LOVES his pasta! So there it is, my son loves eggplant... who would have thought?

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