16 August 2008


So yesterday i was standing in the entryway and as A and R were leaving and i said bye bye and Z copied me! That was another first!! It seems that this whole talking thing is just going to happen all at once and it is so much fun! Z just walks around talking all day long.. i love it! The other night we were getting ready to put the little one down for bed and he ran away and grabbed his sunglasses and brought them to C to put them on (so cute by the way because when he wants something he will bring it to you and say ughh, with kinda a question like inflection) after C put them on he said "yeah dude" and i swear Z said it too! That's the way his talking has been going lately its sounds more like real words and less babel. Too Cute.

As for me, i went out with a couple girlfriends the other night which was wonderful, we had some great experiences. I am going to miss them so much when they are gone... then last night we had a couple drinks with some friends that turned out to be quite an experience.. and tonight C and i are going out with another couple for a double date! I love this, my whole mood has lifted and i feel so great! Oh and the gym finished moving so i went yesterday and plan to go every weekday for the next few months at least! I have started pushing myself a little more so i am incredibly sore but its the good kind! I love this feeling. I love that we can do this in the summer.. i think that God gave me a love of Christmas just so i can get through those long winter months, although i think that is probably true of alot of people!

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