26 April 2011

Hello Tuesday

You snuck up on me! I am sitting here holding a sleepy baby and typing with one hand, i am going to make this quick though, i have a hot cup of delicious Starbucks coffee calling my name in the kitchen!

I just wanted to pop in and say hi! It has been a busy but wonderful Easter weekend and we are adjusting back into routine and coming down from the sugar buzz around here! To make things just a little better, Zeke decided to give up naps and since he has recently learned how to open the window upstairs, that means no more quiet time up there either. However i have really been enjoying getting to spend some one on one time with my almost 4yr old!

How crazy is that? I have an almost 4yr old!! Which reminds me i have invites to get mailed out and those super awesome felt party hats to get started on! I also have a couple dozen rosette hair pins to whip out for a friends baby shower this weekend, and the lampshades to finish! Wish my luck! Have a great Tuesday and make sure to come back for Theme Thursday! This weeks theme is Sign!

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