04 March 2011

I know the problem!

You are all too amazing.

That's it, that is my problem! I take my short coffee break in front of the computer while the kiddos play or watch a cartoon, it's not a long time but long enough to write a post and share something with you, except that i haven't been! See when i log into my dashboard i see all these amazing posts from all the fantastic blogs that i have found over the years, then they lead me to more great blogs and before you know it someone needs something and i never got to post, however i always find some great ideas of things i want to do!

Like these super amazing party hats for Zeke's 4th birthday party

I have a whole folder full of the great ideas i have found, i just forgot to save the links for them so once i find those i promise to share all my goodies with you!

Back to my life, i have been horrible with picking up the camera lately, my project 365 has gone out the window, however i think i will cheat the rules a little and pick back up here soon. I do take tons of photos still i just take them all of my kids and i had wanted to focus more on other things.. We'll see how that goes... I have however been feeling super crafty lately! I have a whole post full of amazingness to show you! I even picked up crocheting again and made this awesome headband, which i love so much i went out and got several different colors of yarn to make more!

all in all its been pretty busy around here, nothing big just normal busy life :) Hope you all have a great weekend! Make sure to link up to photoshoot friday!

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