10 March 2011

Hello world!

I'm back!
After a great week with my sister, my house is now (nearly) empty and things are back to normal routine. We had so much fun and i loved having her here, but it is nice to get things back into order..
I have a huge to do list right now and on it is,

  • editing the thousand pictures from pond hockey and sharing them with you :)
  • washing, folding, and putting away ALL THE LAUNDRY!
  • finishing the shelves for my craft closet and reorganizing it
  • mailing out the finished pay it forward goodies
  • finish the birthday gift for a friends little girl whose birthday is today (party Saturday)
  • finish my gift for my super sweet cousin (an awesome bag that i will share with you because i love it so much!)
  • get a move on my craft list, since there are so many ideas and new ones coming along all the time!

I think that covers a good portion! Oh and spend lots of time snuggling my sweet boys who at the moment (along with their mother) have colds.. Despite the fact that the calendar tells me spring is some ten days away it looks like the middle of winter outside and feels like it in here... boo! NO MORE WINTER! I'm over it. you?

I know most of you have seen those amazing metal stamped necklaces out there that so many awesome shops are selling with initials for loved ones and cute little charms? I love them all and since i know that these amazing people make these amazing necklaces i remain true to form and have spent the last half hour searching for the tools required to do and learning tips on how to make them and i have to say i think i might give it a shot! I know i would have to sell a few to pay for all the equipment but they are so beautiful and popular i don't think that would really be a problem... I can't help it, i love creating new things!

Anyways that's just one of those in the future i want to try it things, for now i will leave you with some pics of the always super adorable Kiah, and see you back here tomorrow for photoshoot friday! ( for the record i do take pics of Zeke too, Kiah is just my little attention hound :)

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