05 March 2011

Birthday Party Ideas

I have so many i literally can't sleep! Okay so its 8 in the morning and i don't really NEED to sleep but i could if i wanted to! (Thank you wonderful husband)

So here is what i have so far for Zeke's birthday party.

The place ~ A really amazing friend is letting us use her house, she is only a few minutes north of here and she has a great backyard, perfect!

The theme ~ Outer Space, Zeke loves anything to do with space and planets right now and this was what he asked for.
The games ~ Pin the flag on the moon (made with felt so there will be no need for the actual *pin* part. Planet toss (felt planets filled with rice or sand and a board (i should probably have my dad make that now) with 3 different holes at different points) moon pinata, i have only made one pinata before and it was a baseball, i think it turned out great and i am going to do the same thing here and add craters with rolls of tissue paper underneath the lining... wish me luck!

The decorations ~ I found This amazing guy on etsy yesterday and i am going to do my best to make one, a great playplace for the kiddos so i guess this could also fall in the game category.. Felt party hats for the kids, possibly personalized...

I also plan to take leftover scraps of the 30 thousand yards of felt i am going to need to buy for all of this, and make a couple little triangle banner thingy (yes that is what i called it, the term escapes me right now as i am just now getting my morning coffee) and run them across the yard just to give it a little something extra.

The cake ~ The bottom layer will be big and round and say Happy Birthday Zeke across it, the second layer will be a little smaller and have stars along the side and the top layer is where i am going a little crazy... Saturn. yup. I am going to attempt a round cake and i have never used fondant so i think i am going to try for frosting and see how that holds if not them maybe it will be my time to learn how to use fondant! Then I'll take toothpicks to hold the "rings".. that's the general idea, i see it in my mind and i love it! I also thought about getting color copies of some other planets and sticking them in the top layer but that might be pushing it... :)

So that is what i have for right now, i feel better having written it down! I have plenty of time, Zeke's birthday isn't until May so i figure if i get it all planned this month, start making things in April i should be able to avoid some stress by the big day!


Trish said...

Have I ever mention that you're the coolest person I know? I think that ALL of your ideas are awesome and that you're a terrific mommy! =) I'm jealous that I can't go to the birthday party. hahaha

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

This will be the coolest party ever! You're a girl after my own heart. Awesome awesome.

PS. I wanna go to the party too. haha.

Nicole said...

Wow. You have a lot of ideas! Go you! It sounds fantastic and you'll do wonderful. Great, great ideas Jenn!

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