02 January 2011


My poor baby is sick... He hardly has a voice and is so cranky... Yesterday he went down for a nap at 11 and didn't get up until almost 5! I feel so bad for the poor little guy.. but i love how snuggly his is when he doesn't feel good, i know that sounds awful, but he is ALWAYS on the go so i have to enjoy every little snuggle i get from him!

This year is going to be the year i lose weight! I know we all say that every year but i had such a hard time last year, my body was still not my own {breastfeeding} and i didn't have the motivation.. THIS YEAR i have no excuses! I haven't gained any weight since Ki was born but i have only lost about 20lbs since then... {i put on about 25} So really i am at my pre pregnancy weight but that is not where i want to be...

Mommy Elephant Sarah is my hero. Everyday she makes her amazing little boy a super healthy smoothie and he loves them! I decided that she was a genius and decided to steal her idea {thank you Sarah!} She uses the take and toss cups with the straws so there is no spilling which means my kid can eat veggies with no mess! WHOO HOO! Kiah has been loving them! Zeke was okay with the first one but the green smoothie freaked him out a little bit... oh well we will keep trying! I forgot to mention that my parents got me a magic bullet for Christmas so this is even easier than i thought it would be!

Day 1 ~ Frozen berries {strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries}, low fat vanilla yogurt, & fresh spinach = YUM!

Day 2 ~ Kiwi, Apple, Fresh spinach and low fat vanilla yogurt = AGAIN YUM! Kiah finished a WHOLE cup of this one!

Day 3 ~ Banana, cooked oatmeal, peanut butter, and yogurt = we will be making this today so I'll have to let you know how it goes...

I am officially starting my own weekly link up and i am really feeling good about it, it is something that i want to do and i know alot of you love to take pictures as much as i do! Read here to find out more about it!

Have you seen Despicable Me? Oh my goodness, hilarious. Zeke got it for Christmas and it has quickly become a favorite in our house! Along with my new air popper that i got for Christmas from a dear amazing friend! Movie and popcorn night in our house is everyones favorite!

My office is the coldest room in the house and after being on here for a while my hand tends to go a little numb... so i think that this should be the end of this post!

Make sure and come back Friday for photoshoot fridays!

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