03 December 2010


Have i shared with you how much i love the "homeschooling preschool" that we do? Because i think it is the best idea i have ever had the pleasure to be a part of making! Last week we did letter M,N & O ~ M~make, N~noodle, and O~oven. We started off with letting the kids make zucchini muffins that i had measured out ingredients before ahead of time.. I know i know they would have loved to do that part themselves but i am not great with the whole mess thing and i have these great new mini bowls from pampered chef that i just got and it worked out perfectly! This week it was just Zeke and Lorelei but they each got to make their own batch this way so it wasn't all bad.. They mixed up their muffins and Lorelei chose to make the big (regular) muffins and Zeke opted for the mini muffins. They each poured (most of) their own batter and we put the muffins in to cook while we moved onto our first project, noodle necklaces! After that they traced their hands and glued on "feathers" (paper cut into a feather shape with different texture scissors) and we had just enough left over to make the headbands and glue feathers on those too. In the holiday spirit of course :) After that we enjoyed some tasty zucchini muffins, those kids did a great job!

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