07 December 2010

Manic Monday {kind of...}

Okay so it's not really a manic Monday, for one on Monday i spent the entire day on the couch drifting in and out of sleep. You see i was a little late on getting my flu shot this year, and oh boy am i paying for it! I am miserable :( At least i have enough energy to get up off my rear and spend a few moments blogging.. but i can already feel the tiredness starting to creep in again.. This has really just taken it out of me! Anyways enough complaining about my sickness I'm here to tell you about me weekend (you know before my house took on the semi-permanent smell of Lysol). We went to our city's downtown open house this weekend with the boys and took in all the sights and sounds that were there to be seen and heard. A little time taking family photos in front of the giant tree, visiting Santa (there is a whole story behind that... see we actually don't "do" Santa in our house, as far as Zeke knows he is just a guy who comes around at Christmastime, much like trees and snowmen.. So with the exception of once when he was a baby and we just happened upon a Santa taking photos with kids for free while we were shopping we have never taken Zeke or Kiah to see Santa.. we didn't plan on it this year either but we were with friends who have 3 little boys who wanted to see Santa and we waited in line with them, by the time we got to the front Zeke went right up and started talking to him! A little out of character for him since he tends to get very shy in those kinds of situations.. anyways that is the whole long story behind it.. ) we saw the big fire truck and had hot cocoa and listened to the steel drum band. It was a great time had by all! Hope you all have a fantastic week! I plan to keep everything updated but seeing as how i am still recovering from the flu and I'm not sure if my amazing husband will be able to stay home all week i won't promise anything...

~The Case Famliy~
Zeke & Noah waiting for Santa

Zeke & Santa

"Santa have you seen this white stuff? It tastes amazing!"

Zeke & Santa

The boys having a snowball fight

Zeke checking out the giant lights on the giant tree

Manic Monday

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