28 December 2010

Manic Monday ~ Christmas Photo Overload

Today i am breaking the rules just a little (as if i ever do anything the right way!) Monday actually was a very fun and busy day for us, I have this whole week off and Chris is layed of for the winter which is as always bittersweet but yesterday we made the most of it and my amazing husband not only got up with the boys and let me sleep in he also brought me breakfast and coffee in bed! I just happened to have a good book right by my bed and i was in heaven! After i got up we played with some of the new christmas toys for a while and then we bundled up and headed out to the winter sports park for some ice skating and sledding! It was so much fun and i took almost 100 photos that i have yet to edit... Which brings me to our Christmas photos... I truely admire all of your who are able to keep up blogging during busy times like holidays or right after having babies, it really does amaze me! See i have time mangament issues so i did not do ANYTHING blog wise for several days! I am back now though and happy to be here! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas surrounded by the ones you love!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Manic Monday

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