14 December 2010

Hello World

Hello Blogging World Friends,

I know it has been some time since we last "spoke" that is only because i have had the flu for 9 DAYS! I know right? I can't believe i am still sick! This is just too much.. my right ear is still really plugged up so i can hardly hear from that side and i have a cough that i just can't seem to kick... I am hoping to feel better SOON! We have such a busy time coming up and i don't want to be sick for it! Friday is my husbands company Christmas party which i am kind of looking forward to, last year they skipped it because of budget cuts so this is a good thing right? Then Saturday morning Chris and I leave for 2 glorious days for some shopping and "us time" very much needed i might add while the boys stay with my parents! Sunday night will be the most hectic since i will be wrapping all the gifts that we will have just picked up and getting the house set to perfection because the next morning my family will all be here in our tiny house! It's a good thing i promise! I love the feeling of waking up in the morning with the whole family there and we all have breakfast together, something good like sticky cinnamon rolls, then move into the living room where the tree is suddenly filled with gifts for everyone and we all open them in our pjs and share the special moment of Christmas morning together. So everyone will stay here Monday night so that Tuesday morning we can have our Christmas! It's a little early i know but it was the only time we could do it and all be together which to me is way more important anyways! I am so looking forward to next week! Anyways there is a little update on out lives over here hope you all are enjoying this wonderful time of year surrounded by the ones you love!

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