13 November 2010

Did you miss me?

Other than a couple last minute almost word free posts i have kind of been MIA for a little while. We have had a crazy busy couple of weeks over here, if you checked out my last post you saw some photo's from the Zoo, if you are a regular reader you know my camera is (was, just wait a minute and I'll share!) not all the great so we used my sisters while at the Zoo. Worked fine for capturing the moments until... yup you guessed it.. the battery died about 3 Min's into the Zoo and before we even got to the good stuff! I was so bummed but feeling okay about it because i had tucked my not so great camera into my bag just in case. I pulled it out to start taking more pictures only to discover.... I LEFT THE SD CARD AT HOME! oops. Well despite the camera troubles we had a great time. We actually spent the whole weekend down at my sister's house with her husband, our parents and my kids oh and don't forget the pup... it was a full house but so much fun.

Sunday we went to the Children's Museum in GR, having never heard of it before i was expecting a museum with exhibits directed towards children, boy was i wrong! This place was amazing! There were so many different things for the kids to do! I ran around (with my sisters camera again, battery fully charged this time) snapping pictures of the boys having the time of their lives.. i seriously want to move there just for that place alone!

As soon as we left the museum we headed home which is about a 4 hour drive, except for on the way down when we ran into a blizzard! NOT what i had been expecting when we left the house! As excited as i am for Christmastime (40 days to Christmas & 12 til we get our tree!) I am not ready to talk about snow yet.. give it a couple more weeks....


I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A DSLR! No more point and shoot for me! My Canon arrived in the mail yesterday and in less than 24hours we managed to take over 300 pictures.... did i mention that the camera never left the house? They all just look so pretty i can't bring myself to delete any! I am so over the moon happy about FINALLY having my camera. I can't wait to get started on some photo challenges! No more low quality photos from me friends :)

Having shared that here are (almost) the last of the photos taken with the point and shoot!

{Zeke had SO much fun with the mirrors}

{Bumble Bee Kiah}

{Kiah & Grandpa playing the drums}

{Zeke making bubbles}

{Giant tinker toys are awesome}

{Fireman Kiah on the Firetruck slide}

{That other kid is tall!}

{flying the helicopter}

{vegetable garden}

{Apple Trees}

{Daddy & Kiah checking out the fish}

30 Days of Truth

Day 8: Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like crap
Only one person comes to mind when i read this... this is another one of those questions where i would rather just not answer but what's the point of starting this if i can't finish..
When i was younger my mom married a world class jerk. Only at the time no one knew that, he bought my sister and i Christmas presents and gave us attention that we didn't have not growing up with a father. So when he proposed to my mom we were all on board.. after it was all over my mom learned that the reason he had wanted to marry her was more or less to gain custody of his daughters. I know alot of people have dealt with abuse both physical and verbal and i feel like what i delt with really wasn't all that bad and hey i made it out okay right? But that fact of the matter is that no child should EVER have to be hit, grabbed, shoved or whatever out of anger. Verbal abuse is something that sticks with you. I know that God really blessed me with Chris, he doesn't ever yell or get angry even when i do. In the 7 years we have been together he has raised his voice at me maybe twice, those times stick in my memory though because it takes me right back to childhood and scares the crap out of me.. I wonder sometimes what kind of person i would be if i had had a different childhood.. would i be the same? would i be more self confidant? There is no way to know, but one thing i do know, my kids will never have the childhood that i had. I want them to grow up KNOWING that everyone in their lives loves them for exactly who they are.

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