18 October 2010

Monday Monday.....

I have a bit of writers block lately... not that i was ever much of a writer to begin with but still... it makes the whole blogging thing a little difficult!


  • Being that it is Monday we had Preschool this morning and we worked on letters D,E, & F. The theme this was was Nature so we had Dirt, Earth & Feathers ( I think.. you'll have to double check with Nicole, she's the mastermind behind all this..) The kiddos colored their letters and practiced writing them which is so awesome to watch.. Then we did crafts, they glued sticks, leaves, feathers and pieces of felt (blue-clouds, green-grass, & brown-mud) onto paper and added some glitter for an extra touch.
  • I stopped at the resale shoppe in town and picked up some brand new footie pj's for Kiah for $2, i love a good deal! The kid manages to take his socks and pj pants off almost every night and doesn't quite get how to pull the blanket over him yet so he wakes up freezing and i feel so bad for him! So i am stocking up on footie pj's to solve our problem! I also found some adorable little boots for a friend who is having her baby shower this week.
  • Speaking of the baby shower, the best thing i EVER got was homemade burp cloths, they were the only ones i ever used and now whenever someone has a baby shower, you can bet i will be making them some burp cloths! I went to Joanne's this weekend and picked up some adorable flannel fabric for the front and hot pink terry cloth for the back, I'll add pictures later, I'm too tired for that now.. sorry!

  • I am also going to try my hand at making a pacifier clip, how hard can it be?
  • For a while i was doing so good at making at least one new recipe a week and lately i have been slacking on my cooking and we have been doing a lot of pasta and sauce (Alfredo, pesto, spaghetti) from a jar... I feel like i can do so much better than that so my new goal is to make at least one new meal a week, and to make sure i do it i am going to add a recipes tab right after i publish this post! So keep an eye out for that! Tonight's dinner was Tex Mex mini meatloaves, so yummy!

  • Kiah cut another tooth this weekend so hopefully he will be a happier little boy now that he got that through!

I think that about covers what i can think of for now! I know there are at least a MILLION other thoughts going through my mind somewhere.... I'll leave you with a couple pics of the boys from one of our outings to the farmer's market..

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Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

One new recipe week sounds like a good idea. I'll be interested to see what you come up with. Sometimes we get stuck on meals and over do them till we are sick of them.

Cute pictures. Did those pumpkins at the bottom grow together like siamese twins? Or is it my eyes? That would be crazy.

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