26 October 2010

Monday Monday and 30 Days of Truth

Monday. wow.. where did you go? I just woke up and it was Monday morning.. i am sure of it! Some how it is already Tues afternoon... This is what happens when you are just in survival mode.....

While sitting and enjoying service in church on Sunday an usher who is also a close friend of ours walked over to me and very seriously said "we need you" and then turned and walked away, i panicked because normally when a parent is needed they just flash our number on the screens in the front, standing right behind the double doors there stands a nursery worker holding my baby boy who is covered in what she thought was chicken pox. I felt so bad! I noticed a couple bumps before we left but it didn't look like anything more than an irritation and because he has pretty sensitive skin i just assumed it was a reaction to something.

Since it was spreading i decided to call the after hours service for our pediatrician and they said they weren't sure what it was and we should take in into the ER just to be safe so off we went... After a couple hours there, with a 1 year old who wants nothing more than to run free wherever he may be, we finally talked to the doctor who informed us it was related to a virus that he had and there was no way to tell what it was... awesome.

Fast forward to Monday... I was supposed to take him in to see our Doc whose office was busy all morning so by the time i got to talk to a nurse it was already noon and Ki's skin was mostly cleared up by then, so they told me i didn't need to bring him in. Awesome.

And then came Tuesday.... Now the poor little peanut is "sick to his stomach" (weird thing about me, i can't stand to use the "d" word...) and to top it all off we are out of diapers.... this week can not get any better...

Onto better things....

My house smells like pumpkin, I made a pumpkin cheesecake with a close friend this morning for no other reason than we found a recipe and wanted to.. plus it's a win win that i only had to buy half the ingredients and i only have to keep half the cheesecake.. i would otherwise eat too much and then throw the rest away to avoid temptation..

I climbed on the scale the other day to find that i had put on almost 3 lbs.. not good.. i am DESPERATELY trying to lose weight and i only want to see the scale going down... so after some good old fashioned diet and exercise i am back to what i was... which still leaves me with 50lbs to lose.. 70 if i REALLY want to make myself happy.. but i am trying to set realistic goals and i think that losing 50 would put me a healthy weight and one that my body will stay at.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas time and with it being less than two months away now i am so ready to start breaking out the decorations! I will resist, only because i finally have collected some cute fall stuff.. But trust me when i say that the day after Thanksgiving i will be packing up the family to go out and pick out our Christmas tree ( I ONLY get real trees, i LOVE the smell!) and out will come the plethora of snowmen, right down to the plates, bowls, coffee cups & glasses! I promise to share pictures of my obsession when the time comes.

Speaking of pictures, i seem to have misplaced the battery for my camera... broken though it is i still need it! It might not take great pictures but in 20years i won't care that they weren't great i will just be happy to have those precious moments captured!

30 Days of truth ~ Day 3

Something you have to forgive yourself for

This is not easy for me to admit but in those times of my short temper i have lost it and lashed out on the people that i love.. It has been a long time since i have done anything like that but every time i feel my blood pressure rise i remember.. Just because i don't really know most of you personally that doesn't mean that i don't want you to see me in the best light all the time, the wonder of having a blog is that i don't have to share the bad. I can hide from it and you would never know the difference.. I don't want to do that though, i spent long enough hiding from myself and i want people to love me for who i am, flaws and all..

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