01 September 2010


My Current Projects:

  • Paint upstairs bathroom - DONE!
  • Finish Quilt for the boys (receiving blankets) - DONE!
  • Start Quilt for guest bed (my first "real" quilt so i know if i want to make them as gifts for Christmas this year...) - Squares cut, I'm just holding out for one or two more fabrics that will "make" the quilt...
  • Organize downstairs closet
  • Search Re-sale shops & Garage sales for 1. Lamps for our bedroom 2. desk for Zeke's computer 3. wall art of some kind for upstairs bathroom & guest bedroom (FOUND!) 4. anything else that catches my eye ;)
  • Paint Zeke's end table
  • Stain our end tables so they can FINALLY go in our room and out of the garage!

I think that it's for now! I have 1000 other things i would LOVE to add to this list but i have enough lists as it is!

Just knowing that i am going to have my husbands ENTIRE family here this weekend is enough to make me want to get EVERYTHING done this week! I am so so so happy that the upstairs bathroom is FINALLY done!!! It only took a year to start and 2 days to finish!

Check back soon for finished product pictures! :)

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