26 September 2010

Our Home ~ Before & After

We have lived in this adorable little house for just over a year now and it has taken me some time to get things to how i want them to look, it has been a continuous process and i am sure that it will continue to be so. I just wanted to share with you how far we have come :)
Because i spend so much time in here i decided to start with the office


{that little peanut in the swing is Kiah when he was just a tiny new baby}


{I'm noticing now that these are a little crooked but I'm also too lazy to fix them and retake the picture}

I still feel like the room needs alot but it looks alot better in person too... I didn't show you the other side of the room because it is just my computer desk and that's just a little boring, and it looks the same as it did when we moved it, except for a few more books piled up! Hope you like it! I know i do! I love being able to have a guest room in the house finally!! That had been the original plan for the room from the time we moved me, the master bedroom and the boy's room are both upstairs with a family room in between and a shared half bath which was the WORST room in the house when we moved in, it looks SO much better now, that will have to be my next before and after!

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