24 September 2010

Flashback Friday

I am flashing back 3 1/2 years to when my baby actually was a baby. I can't believe that this little tiny pumpkin is already 3 1/2.... How does that happen so fast?? Everyone tells you that it will go by before you know it but you don't REALLY believe it until you stop and look back and all of sudden you went from being a 19 yr old newlywed to having a three yr old and a one yr old! I wouldn't change a single moment of the crazy ride that has been our lives. I am so amazingly blessed with a wonderful husband and two amazing little boys.

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Nicole said...

Is it impolite to tell you that I truly dislike you for looking beautiful in your "birth/Hospital" picture with Zeke. I look like I have died and come back in mine.

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