17 September 2010

Flashback Friday

In honor of the start of fall this week i am flashing back 3 yrs to when Zeke was just a baby..

This little tiny guy here is Zeke at 5 months old, we were at my parents house getting ready to carve some pumpkins but decided on a little photo shoot first. He was so little here! Just barely able to sit up by himself, actually if i remember correctly that big pumpkin tipped at one point and Zeke went down with it!

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Christopher And Tia said...

I'm not sure that theres anything cuter than a baby propped up with pumpkins.

Except maybe a baby propped up INSIDE of a pumpkin?

Evelyn better watch out.

Shel said...

Ohh my he is one super cute little boy! cannot wait to dress eden up for haloween its gonna be so much fun!

Nicole said...

Aw. How cute! I can't even believe they are so big now.

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