16 August 2010

Checking in....

It has been a whirlwind around here the past few days! Chris was unexpectedly layed off last week so we decided to take our already planned trip downstate a little early! We have been here since Wed. night and it has been heaven! I love spending time with family. Tomorrow i leave for my sisters house which i am beyond excited about! Chris & they boys will hang out with his parents and then we will all meet back at home Thurs of this week, giving us a total of 8 days away from home! It really has been wonderful and i plan to go out and enjoy every second of it! The sad news though is that we still haven't gotten our camera back so i don't have any new pics to put up, but as soon as we get home i will add some old ones (as in last month) that i haven't shared yet. Enjoy your week everyone!

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