01 April 2010

Weekly Updates....

I have no recollection at the moment of what we did last week... That should just go to show you what it was like! We did take the hike in the woods (where we took the pics =) and that was awesome. The boys and i have gone out there a few times now, i just pack Ki in the carrier and we walk back to the winter sports park which is pretty vacant at this time of year and Zeke runs and plays in the forts (photos to come) we find and we all get some fresh air and good exercise.
The not so great start of this week started with Ki having a fever for two days which i just attributed to teething (his 2nd bottom tooth is so close to cutting through) but once the fever broke on the third day i noticed his head was a little blotchy but i thought that was just from him yelling for his breakfast, a little while later during a diaper change i noticed that his belly had a rash all over it, but i wasn't sure what it was and we headed out for one of our walks, when we got back and i changed his diaper again before nap time i noticed it was much much worse (which i now realize was from the heat of the carrier) so i called the doc and had to take him in later that day. The doc said first it was hives and after talking for a while told me it was from a virus that causes 1. a high fever for a couple days and 2. a rash all over the body once the fever breaks... So that was our week, he is doing much better now and sleeping in his own bed again (THANK GOD!) and everyone is happy and healthy.
Our big exciting news for the week, ZEKE IS POTTY TRAINED!! We have been seriously working on it for a few weeks now and he has finally got it down, we have had two accidents in the past two weeks, including all night, which i think is pretty amazing! I am so proud and so so so happy! He still wears pull-ups at night but that is it! YAY ZEKE!
Okay this post is getting a little long but those were the two big things of the week, I'll post again after the weekend and share all our Holiday fun. Happy Easter everyone, I look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord with those of you who are close!


Jennifer Ross said...

Yay for Zeke! I'm glad to see that Ki is feeling better too! :)

Am I going to get to see any more pictures of all of this new food that you were SUPPOSED to be cooking? hmmmmm? lol It all started to look so good!

Zekesmomma said...

Haha i know! I haven't actually been cooking like i planned on, however i got the pics up of the boys so one for two i'm gonna call it good! lol I miss you guys we should get together next week =)

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