18 March 2010


Please note my awesome creativity skills in the title.

Anyways..... I just got back from a hike with all three of my favorite guys. Did i mention how much i love the trail behind my house? Because i really do! I took about a 100 pictures so you can all enjoy the experience with me, just add fresh air.

So the quiche i was talking about last time, very good! Chris even liked it, and while he's not a picky eater by any means he isn't always a fan of new recipes when i have plenty he knows he likes.. anyhow it was good and as it turns out i actually like asparagus, who knew? But even better than that was the soup i made last night! It was Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Soup, SO GOOD! please feel free to drool over the pictures....

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Jennifer Ross said...

Yes, it looks very very yummy.

You really lucked out with the picture of Ki. His eyes "magically" match the couch. How many times did you have to move him around, until you found the perfect matching spot? :P

Zeke's hat matches the couch in the background. lol

Well done my friend.

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