11 April 2009

Just a couple pics of Z at the library this past week...

Well my plan to blog every week has gone out the window! I am about 12 weeks into this pregnancy and completely exhausted! It seems by 4 o'clock i am just drained... So i will keep this up as often as i can =)
Z is doing great really enjoying the warming weather, we have gone outside to play alot more lately, which i love, this week we broke out the sidewalk chalk for the first time and he LOVES it! We sat outside drawing for almost an hour, although Z also tried to color the house.... haha.. It was a good time though! This weekend C's parents came up and we took Z swimming at the pool there, although we have discovered he really likes the hot tub! Bummer for me since i am not allowed! The crazy kid is in need of some playtime now so i am off to explore! More soon for Easter pics!

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